Meet Erica Strong

Speaker, Author, Life Coach

Erica Strong is the visionary of Finishing Strong- a business and life training system leading entrepreneurs through a proven and powerful process that they can use to create and build profitable and sustainable businesses.

Erica is a dynamic speaker, business & life coach, trainer as well as best selling author and owner of multiple successful businesses. She is a wife and mom sharing plenty of joyful time with her family, making self improvement and rest a priority for a balanced life.

Erica’s mission is to give entrepreneurs a realistic and achievable framework they need to grow their businesses and change their financial and family lives.

As an entrepreneur her entire adult life, she has experienced her own journey from struggle to triumph : after a divorce, losing everything Erica was able to build her financial independence back better completely as an entrepreneur.

She knew that there was such great power and freedom in creating her own economy through entrepreneurship and having a coach. This action created a shift that bought with it a domino effect of miracles and set the stage for Finishing Strong Business and Life, helping business worldwide achieve financial rest.

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